For eternity - Marylin & Chanel N°5


What do you wear to sleep ? Marilyn reply " just some drops of CHANEL N°5". 


Descent of aircraft , press conference , it's unclear when this sentence was pronounced for the first time .

 7 April 1952 , Marylin Munroe at 26 , for the first time , LIFE MAGAZINE dedicated her first and for the first time the quote about the N°5 was repeat . N°5 become a legend .

 October 1953 , 882 North Doheny Drive (Beverly Hills) she had a photoshoot for MODERN SCREEN , Marylin posed nude in her bed and on each shot , the vial of N°5 appear on the nightstand . These photos will not be published .

 1960 , the journalist Georges Belmont meet Marylin for the french newspaper MARIE CLAIRE. Sle play "Let's Make love" by George Cukor with Yves Montand. Marylin returned spontaneously on N°5, this part of the interview does not appear.

 October 2012 Chanel obtains the recording of the interview. We hear for the first time Marylin evoke these few drops of N°5 become legendary.

 "You know, i get asked questions... For example : What do you wear to sleep ? pyjamas , pyjamas top , nightgown ? So i said CHANEL N°5 because it's the truth , and i don't want to say nude you know?"