A look for a day out


Spring brings with it a promise of bloom, mellow days and flirty passion. This eye-catching black and white ensemble has been made for dreamy spring days. Read on for we are about to spill all the beans on this lovely dress.

The chic tie-back black top

It was hard to tear eyes away from this beautiful attire for it was love at first sight. This jet black colored top is zip-fastened at the back but the highlight of this blouse is the tie-at-the-lower-back belt that adds a festive touch to it, baring the skin just enough to draw everyone’s attention. 

Scooped at the neckline and bare sleeved, this blouse firmly hugs the form, subtly emphasizing the curves. It is flirty and casual at the same time, a real feast for the eyes. 

And we simply can’t get enough of that willowy skirt!

Reaching below the knee, this full blowing skirt is what adds the fun factor to this look. It is supple, it is suave, it is fun; it is everything that you need for a trip into the town, be it a get-together with friends, a shopping spree, a luncheon or a day time date with your guy.

The skirt is self-printed in horizontal lines and has lining underneath that reaches half the way just above the knees. We have to give it to the designer for making it out of sheer fabric from 95% Polyester and 5% elastane.

The fabric flows fluidly and has a high waist with a zip side-fastening closure , looking incredibly charming. 

A look for a day out


The strappy delight

We come across cool stuff every day but this pair of strappy heels just grabbed our attention. This lace-up footwear has a zip closure at the back. The heel measures approximately 13cm/5.18" with 1cm/0.39" platform and is comfortable enough to last you through the day. Slip into these great heels for a day out and the rest will be history as you bring out the star inside you. 

Wait, there is more. The bag!

Get the whole package and we promise you, you won’t regret it. The style is perfectly complemented with a  vertically lined black and white bag. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a wrist strap too.  You can carry it slung over the shoulder as well as over the wrist (we prefer over-the-wrist look). 

The bag has been made from a leather-like fabric and has a nylon lining inside. It has an inside zipped pocket and a d iamante twist lock fastening. The bag has a width of 31cm and is 23 cm in height, roomy enough to hold all your knick-knacks. 

 What we truly love about this dress is that it doesnot just go into the closet and stay here for the next two years. You can wear it again, pair it with other garments and experiment with styles to your heart’s content. Be at the the top of the game this season and beat ‘em all with your glamorous fashion sense. Happy styling!

Special edition photoshoot with makeup courtesy of Anny Assih from New York.

Booking Info: anny.a.ent@gmail.com