All about power dressing


There is no stopping the styles that have come in the wake of February’16. Balmy, rich, elegant, classy; they are all in one. We couldn’t resist falling in love with this one design that captured our hearts right away and since we simply cannot stop sharing it with you, following is an exclusive insider on this dress that has had us drooling ever since we laid our eyes on it. Read on!

The ensemble features a figure clinging white mid-thigh length dress along with a drape-over-the-shoulders cape. In our opinion, the outfit is a perfect sensual cross between vintage and contemporary fashion. The bold and fiery crimson colour of the cape is surely a feast for the eyes. 

More about the dress

We simply adore the white coloured beauty that this dress is. Fashioned tastefully from 95% Polyester 5% Elastane, it charmingly hugs the form. It is a close cut bodycon fit that subtly enhances all the curves that you want noticed.

The dress boasts a slightly high neckline, a bit higher than the polo neckline that is all the rage this year but not too high to be called turtleneck. This added coverage is what makes this costume a darling- it covers the neckline but the mid-thigh length, no sleeves and the tight fit add a seductive touch to it.

But wait, there’s more to it. 

Ooh, the cape!

The elegantly shaped, intrepid crimson coloured cape is the highlight of this look. The cape is open at the front and has a collarless neckline. On closer inspection, it reveals two layers made of 95% Polyester 5% Spandex that reach below the knee.

The beautiful cuts of this don-over layer have been made to transform any drab array of clothing into a chic, impeccably classy attire. It has been meticulously finished in a triangular cut at the front and is what makes this cape styled coat stand out. It also includes padded shoulders meant for extra comfort to last you through the day. 

All about power dressing


How to wear it out?

The getup can be nicely complemented with stilettos and toned down, elegant jewellery. This elaborate look is too splendid to be carried at casual events. It makes us think of filthy money and extravagant living. It, therefore, goes without saying that this attire is perfect for grand affairs and formal occasions but you can always wear it to a quiet, romantic night out.

Why we love this motif is not only for its effortless grace but also because it is so adoptable. Not all the formal garbs from the runway can be incorporated into your wardrobe and your daily wear routine. This is one outfit that can easily be hung in your closet without wondering if you are ever going to take out and actually wear it. Also, it is not something that makes you think at least once that you have overdone it. 

Talk about sophistication. The apparel speaks volumes about the taste of the woman flaunting it. It is not something that you wear everyday but it is not every day either that you decide to transform yourself from a bundled-into-wear-down-pajamas look into a style diva.