Casual outfit we all need


Do you always feel unable to find something in your wardrobe that is comfortable, casual, and at the same time, presentable enough for a trip to the mall for some fun shopping with friends?

It happens to every girl out there. Even though we perfectly manage our designer and formal wear attires, when it comes to daily wear clothing, we just can’t seem to figure out what to wear to look classy and feel at ease at the same time.

Don’t worry, for we have it covered for you. With this amazingly stylish yet relaxing and informal getup, you can hit the town for all your routine chores, movie time plans, and all those events which require a toned down but still dressy look.

Stay tuned, for we are about to tell you why this ensemble is just the thing you need

The sweater is a cross between creamy white and beige, bringing to mind a vivid image of sun kissed winter and fall days. With 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, this sweater is warm enough to keep you cozy in the chilly afternoon breeze, and cool enough to keep you from sweating under the blazing February sun.

The exquisite embellishment over the shoulders accentuates its grace, and yet it is simple enough to not tamper will the refined, casual appeal of the sweater.

What we truly love about this sweater is its neat round neckline. Go flaunt those beauty bones; we are right behind you.

With its regular fit, you can sport this causal sweater without feeling the least bit uneasy and since the perfectly ribbed hem ends just around the hipline, the length of this sweater can easily compliment all body types. Cool, right?

‘There is never a wrong time for polka dots’, said Marc Jacobs and looking at these gorgeous denims, we can’t agree more with the guy. These polka dot denims are the perfect bottom gear to pump up your casual style, and appear chic without being overly done. With 98% cotton and 2% elastane, this denim will give you nice, tight fit; the very thing you needed too show off those great legs.

Casual outfit we all need

All you need is love, or a gorgeous leather bag!

This 100% polyurethane, chocolate leather bag amazingly compliments the chic and casual look of this perfect dress. With twin grab handles and press stud fastening, this bag is economical, efficient and most importantly, casually classy. Did we say anything about love? Forget love. Take the bag.

How to wear this look?

The ideal way to put a nice finish to this style is to pair tit up with some shiny studs to match the adorned sweater. For a trip downtown, you put on a nice pair of creamy wedges, peep-toe heels, or even sneakers.

Since the look is aimed at casual, you should tone down the makeup and instead, go for a bright coral lipstick to set off the color combination of baby blue and creamy white and Voila! you are all set to turn the heads.