Walk walk fashion baby


How to be a stunner this holiday season.

For the Yuletide period we are serving you chic with a touch of sass. This black ensemble is a great combination of timeless fashion with a modern twist.

Made of wool, this boat neck knitted sweater is just the right piece for this season. It is fashionable and simple yet functional and will definitely keep you warm throughout the colder months. It can be paired up with a skirt and booties, as seen in the picture, for a party look or dressed down with a simple pair of jeans and tennis shoes for a day dedicated to running errands. It is a 2 in 1 look that saves you space in your closet so who can ever say no to a bargain.

As for the skirt, it is a versatile item. At first glance, it might come across as a simple black mini skirt but the gold beaded embellishment on its hem gives it a funky look.

Paired together with the sweater, this outfit screams classiness and elegance without the necessity of a ball gown but keeping the same amazing quality and feel.

Now for the pièce de resistance of our look: The gold bootie. These ankle boots are a statement piece to have in your wardrobe year round. The colour is perfect for the Christmas and party seasons and as well as being different and edgy it is comfortable and will make sure you stand out from the crowd as you are probably going to be one of few people that will dare to rock a gold boot and that pulls it off well.


This outfit is great for a person who doesn’t like a lot of colour in their wardrobe but would still like to look festive during the holidays. Now all you have to do is throw on a cute clutch bag for a girls night out or sunglasses and a tote for a casual day out and out the door you go.

The ensemble speaks for itself, so a simple and neutral makeup look would balance it perfectly. A nice simple face with dewy skin and maybe even a touch of gold in the inner corners of the eyes will tie the look together.

In terms of accessories, a simple pair of diamond studs and an assortment of gold jewellery will do just fine. Now just throw your hair up in a high pony or just let it flow down your back and you can be out the door and ready to take on both day and night like a boss.